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Not a ‘golfer’? Not a problem. 5 Tips to not feel pressure as a beginner golfer.

  1. Pick it up: If you’re not hitting the ball far, or barely hitting the ball at all, start a game of best ball. Playing best ball with your partner or group is a great way to keep the game moving and alleviate any pressure felt from the group playing behind you. The same goes for shots that land deep into the rough or in other undesirable locations. Don’t worry about stroke penalties, just pick your ball up and drop it on the fairway for your next shot.

  2. Breathe and Stay Relaxed: When you feel pressure building up, take a moment to breathe deeply and relax your body. Tension can negatively impact your swing and decision-making. Remind yourself that it’s just a game and that mistakes are part of the learning process.

  3. Leave the Scorecard Behind: Focus on the process, not the outcome. Instead of obsessing over the score or the result of every shot, concentrate on the process of making each swing. Pay attention to your technique, alignment, and routine. By staying in the present moment, you’ll reduce anxiety about future outcomes.

  4. Play in a Low-pressure Environment: As a new golfer, consider playing in a more relaxed and supportive environment. Avoid high-stakes competitions or crowded course where you might feel self-conscious. Play with friends or family members, and choose less busy times to tee off if possible. Look for courses that advertise a more casual playing environment.

  5. Keep Expectations Realistic: Understand that golf is a challenging sport, and it takes time to improve. Set realistic expectations for yourself and focus on gradual progress rather than expecting to play like a seasoned pro right away. Celebrate small victories, such as hitting a good shot or achieving a personal best.

Remember, golf is meant to be enjoyable, and everyone is constantly working to improve their game. Embrace the learning process, stay positive, and over time, you’ll find that the pressure diminishes as your skills and experience grow.

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