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Top 5 Golf Trends for 2023

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

The 2023 golf season is quickly approaching, and here's what you can expect to see this year on and off the course.

1. Golf is getting younger and more social

Gone away are the times where golf was only for the retired or rich. Millennials are bringing a new energy and informality to the sport. It has been reported that millennials currently account for one third of all golfers. Their informal groups are making the game more social, with the focus shifting from serious play to a fun outdoor outing. A refreshing take on how the game is viewed. The next generation is right on their heels too, with the demand for junior golf programs increasing in recent years.

2. Emphasis on player experience

Player experience on and off the greens has garnered the attention of many courses. With popularity booming around new technology like Top Golf, the emphasis has been put on creating unique social spaces. Clubs are investing in their bars, restaurants and driving ranges to make these areas a destination of their own.

3. Loosening of traditional rules

Golf courses are slowly starting to move away from old school traditions, such as strict dress codes. There appears to be a move to more casual clothing on the horizon. Many brands are creating more comfortable and athletic styles that can be worn on and off the course. While most golf courses will adhere to some level of dress code, a select few are moving away from any type of dress code.

4. Healthier food and beverage

‘New year, new me!’, a phrase typically reserved for resolutioners on January 1st, is becoming the new motto for many golf course restaurant menus. Healthier options may be more prominent at your local golf club this year. Golf course food has often been fare that has deep fryers bubbling round the clock. However, many courses are now focusing on incorporating healthier options to their menus. Including adding lower calorie ready-to-drink beverage options and craft cocktails. The incorporation of fresh ingredients and made in-house dishes are sure to dominate golf course menus this year.

5. Ever improving golf technology

It is fair to say that technology in golf, like every other industry, continues to push the boundaries. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now integrated into the design and construction of all categories of the golf business including drivers, golf balls and personal launch monitors. Looking specifically at golf ball technology, 2023 belongs to Titleist as they introduced the newest version of the PRO V1 and PRO V1X in January.

The new PRO V1 golf ball is the latest innovation from Titleist, a brand known for its high-quality golf equipment. With new technology and design, the PRO V1 aims to provide golfers with exceptional distance, speed, and control. This ball is designed to help golfers achieve their best game and push their performance to the next level.

What else might be in store for the 2023 golf season? Let us know what you think we can expect to see this year on the links in the comments, and get ready to #golfthetrack!

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