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It Takes More than just Luck.

It takes a little expertise too.



Top Doggo

I was rescued by a family passionate about golf, and have spent 1 season in the industry. On-course dog? Nah, I prefer the comforts of the clubhouse. They say I’m the greeter of the pro-shop, but sleeping is more my forte. Gopher patrol would be preferred area of work, but The Boss says no. One can dream of a promotion…

Save a bite of pretzel for me!


Megan McLeod

The Boss                                                                                                           

I am the Co-Owner of The Track and am ready to shake up the golf industry. It's time to do away with tradition & norms, and make golf inclusive & fun. I'm looking at our golf course with a new lens (a young & female one) to create something unique. 

Outside of golf I'm a cheerleader for community and social causes. (Hence why my home is always full of foster animals.) I love the outdoors, yoga and all things food & drink. 

See you at The Track.


Gregg Schubert

Guy who knows a lot about golf

The Track is keeping me too busy to write a bio.

One coming soon.



Tom Ellison

Special Projects

(it's best to just email The Boss)

I'm a dinosaur in the golf world. I'm also Co-Owner of The Track with Megan. I like to work behind the scenes, so this photo may be the only way you see my face. My expertise is in turf care and conditioning. I'll be spending a significant amount of time working on the course to get in back in good condition.


Brady Hobberstad


I am the Superintendent at The Track, I have been in the turf care industry for 12 years. If you don’t want to talk turf I really enjoy talking sports or you can ask me about dentistry due to the amount of time I’ve sat in the dentist chair because of hockey. I am really looking forward to helping the golf course strive to be what Tom and Megan have it set out to be. Fun fact about me – I grew award winning pumpkins when I was younger.


Ricky Asuncion

Executive Chef

Cooking up a storm in The BackTrack Lounge. Bio coming soon. 

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