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Remarkable and Unpretentious.

We are not some fancy course like Pebble or Cabot, nor do we pretend to be. We are not “nestled” anywhere and yet our Rocky Mountain views are breathtaking and spectacular.

We are by far the most unpretentious golf course around. Our purpose is to provide value to our customers in a fun and inclusive setting. We are passionate about service and innovation by looking at every possible way to enhance the time you spend with us.

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How it Started. How it's Going

Since we purchased the course last year we’ve been making significant investments to improve everything.

Yes, everything!

We have a brand NEW fleet of 2021 CLUB CARS. Two dozen TREES were planted in November, with more being added this spring. Our TURF is getting the love and care it deserves. Regrowth is underway. The RESTAURANT looks like it's seen a top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon for a total facelift.  


Explore and #golfthetrack.

Remarkable and unpretentious.

Our Customers Get Lucky


We are proudly located in Langdon, an awesome little hamlet just outside Calgary. Langdon is known as the "good luck town" because during a period of 25 years there wasn't one death, and also by the fact that it’s situated on the railroad's horseshoe-shaped turnaround.

Today the positive omens continue at the course by providing our customers unrivaled service and copious amounts of good energy that translate into pars, birdies, great meals, and memories that last a lifetime.


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